A way like another to introduce a technique using photography.
Instead of the preparatory drawing, the photography.
I introduce this technique, applied to the digital, in order to put it at the
service of other persons work which can be interpreted with this technique.

It is a political matter: the technique is not in the public domain,
but the availability is.
The photographic “Fine Art” world could take advantage from this.

It is a product completely different from any other photographic color print.
A three-hands work:
-the author of the image
- the technician who prepares the “basic preparatory drawing”
- the oil painting

This technique develops within the context of an association that exists
since years, ACSAF, that was in a position to offer a choice of papers
otherwise impossible to find and the particular realization of prints that
allow the oil painting.
It is the fusion of different worlds and experiences: a WORK IN PROGRESS.
No more digital printing, no more painting.

Olimpia Hruska www.olimpiahruska.com