Archivio Storico Magnani ' Le Carte' - Pietrabuona
The project
The original paper mill 'Le Carte' dates from the end of the 15th century.
The interesting project foresees the restoration of  the original structure of the paper mill and the creation of a Museum in which to exhibit the numerous historical artefacts gathered over the centuries and the old areas dedicated to paper
Furthermore, the re-launching production of hand-made paper is an interesting news, under the guidance of master paper-makers from the area who will be able
to hand on their  priceless knowledge.
Our involvement with the modern Cartiera Magnani dates from 1998 when we started collaborating over the production of a paper specifically designed for ink-jet printing.
At the present time we are trying to utilise the new hand made paper produced under the historical Enrico Magnani brand, in order to realize photographic prints.
We have organized the first exhibition: Archivio Magnani 2019.