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In the early eighties, on Lila De Nobili advice, I had the opportunity to learn in Paris the technique
of Prof. Wacker.
This technique, which was oriented towards different pictorial uses, turned to be, to my great wonder,
perfectly fitted with the oil painting of black and white prints realized with the techniques and the papers
used exclusively by Acsaf.

This technique, applied to the digital printing, is then put at the service of the contemporary authors work
and sets up a system consisting of three basic passages:

- the realization of the image
- the printing process
- the oil painting

The product that arises from this is completely different compared with any other technique of color
reproduction and, besides, it is really guaranteed to last a long time.
It is the fusion of different worlds, a work in progress, not only digital printing, not only painting.

Olimpia Hruska