The language of modern printing
St.Petersburg - 8 july - 7 september 2011
Dedicated to phenomenon important to contemporary history of photography: the shift of technologies.
In 1982, well known photographer and printing experimenter Cesare Bossi founded in Florence a printing laboratory Scaghero,
pilot project of Italian Kodak. This was beginning of his way towards creation of the Contemporary Archive of Fine Art Printing (ACSAF) that existed since late 1980s and was officially founded in 1995.
The archive became natural continuation of Scaghero and inherited from the latter both experience in various techniques and research enthusiasm.
ACSAF has many names: cultural organization, photographic laboratory, research and experimental laboratory for various
materials and techniques. For decades, the Archive’s specialists worked with a number of hand printing techniques on various papers including hand made papers. From 1998 they have been applying their previous experience to the field of digital technology.
ACSAF exhibition in ROSPHOTO is dedicated to the shift of technologies.
Each artist is the child of his own time and uses contemporary techniques that evolve in accordance with the development and implementation of techniques and instruments. It seems pointless to find out which of the systems, older or newer one, is better than the other.
Beside that, photography has always been the area of ultimate importance of cooperation between the artist (creator) and the printer (implementor). This importance is no less with the arrival of digital technologies to art photography.
The aim of the exhibition is to show how this cooperation works today. The works on display show how the understanding between author of artwork and printing specialist results in the best realization of concept.
Presented in collaboration with Contemporary Archive of Fine Art Printing (Florence, Italy)
and under the auspices of the Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation.