The language of modern printing
San Pietroburgo - 8 luglio- 7 settembre 2011
Acsaf works in the fine art photographic since 1985.
During 1993-1995 many systems was discontinued by Kodak or others, and we decided in 1998 to start working
with ink jet printers. We tranferred our experiences from analogical to digital, not easy but really involving and interesting. We produce our own paper, made by italian papermills.
Some works are realized using papers offered by the Magnani Museum of Pietrabuona

We present the works of 8 authors, different as generations and styles.
The prints demonstrate how the complicity between the authors and the printer allows to have the best
presentation of an idea. 'Special Guest' Olimpia Hruska.

The lecture:
Dye Transfer system
- separation negatives
- CMY matrices
- final print.
System description.