Slow Photo 2016
22 - 30-Aprile
Portale degli etruschi - Massa Marittima
Exhibition of pinhole photography - opening 23 april - h.17
Acsaf authors, bw and color images.
'Black on Black' printing system, oil painting.
Dominique Stroobant presents his own pinhole camera, a giant negative
and some contact prints by Eric Renner.
Analogic cameras with bw film will be suitable for everibody, it will be
possible to enjoy a different experience in taking photograph.
The first experience of the cooperation with OFFO Festival, biennal polish festival of pinhole photography, international event.
Barbara e Witold Englender will be present at the opening.
In coooperation with: Gruppo Fotografico Massa marittima
time: 22-25 april 10 - 19 26 - 30 april 16 - 19