the images of Olimpia Hruska represent her personal records of the time lived with Tarahumara people in Norogachic-Mexico.
Images have never been presented until now.
Olimpia offers a small book with some informations
of Tarahumara's life.
Her travel took place in the 1976-1977.
Ewa Mari Johansson
the images of Ewa Mari Johansson represent the realization of her dream, to photograph the Maasai
women showing their beauty.
A special thanks is given by Tanzania's Ambassador,
Victoria Mwakasege
Her travel in Morogoro-Tanzania took place in the 2006.
Prints are realized using an exclusive Acsaf paper
and a dedicated series of Piezography inks to obtain
the new warm tone.
In cooperation with:
Comune di Massa Marittima Catalogue available at exhibition
Biblioteca Comunale Massa Marittima
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Biblioteca Comunale - Le Clarisse from 5/7 to 31/12 2021