1984 - 1996

PDF manual on request:

The colour print Dye Transfer begins in the middle of the forties, distributed by Kodak. A system basically founded on the skilfulness to manipulate the black and white separation negatives exposed through filters Red 29, Green 61, Blue 47.

The use of the densitometer and of the graph paper was necessary in order to check the tonal range.

Each separation negative was projected on the positive matrices with gelatin in
relief that were immersed in the colour and then spread on paper in the CMY sequence.

Practically a three-colour process that had endless possibilities of interpretation offering fantastic results.

The system was defined “Time Consuming”. True.
Still today a dye transfer print stands out for the quality and the deepness of the colour.

We have done all our best to offer a similar possibility to interpretate an image,

cooperating with Olimpia Hruska to realize the oil painting system.