1998 - 2015
Our papers

When we began working with ink jet print, we could not find a paper that were in
a position to offer a quality standard comparable to that offered by the traditional materials we had used before.

I contacted the Cartiere Magnani and I found a big willingness to cooperate in order to realize a new paper, the Cotton Base.

Then, thanks to the cooperation of Kentmere, we have realized the Standard Coated, provided with a special emulsion that, letting the ink to filter, allows
to obtain the correct depth of the image and the best tone range.

During the 2008 we presented a new 100% cotton base paper, not coated,
with a smooth surface, 280gr.

From May 2009 we'll use a new paper produced for us by Cartera Aetna.
100% cotton, not coated, 400gr.
Suitable for our new bw warm tone printing system and color painting.

We can use some papers from the stock of Magnani Museum of Pietrabuona.

Producing the FineArtClassic, we used the Cotton Base for silver printing.
The silver coating was made by Kentmere.