Photographic Images printed on Magnani papers
The exhibition in Pietrabuona features works printed on paper from the Magnani Museum,
a selection from “The Language of Modern Printing”, presented for the first time in Italy.
The new handmade paper produced by Enrico Magnani will be the support used to print
images by Enrico Borgogni, made using the collodion technique.
Enrico Borgogni is a master of what many call the “eighth art”. He uses complex and varied
techniques, spanning all fields, thanks in part to the availability of a vast range of photographic
tools, obtaining the most innovative and original solutions.
Original glass plates will also be shown.
The objective of this project in a collaboration with ACSAF, the Magnani Company and the
Pescia Paper Museum is to give life to a Magnani Printing Center, afforded thanks to Cesare
Bossi’s competence and skill. This is a unique experience, printing on 100% handmade cotton
paper, without emulsion: a support that allows perfect ink penetration and great sharpness.
This system also offers the best guaranty for conservation and is aimed at museum
institutions, galleries and artists on a national and international level.
The exhibition will be hosted in the the historic Magnani Archive room - 'Le Carte' - Pietrabuona.
Opening : Saturday 28 September at 5:00 p.m.